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What Happens if You Violate Parole?

Defendants who have been convicted of crimes are often placed on probation as part of their sentence instead of being incarcerated for a full term. Probation is a type of conditional and supervised release that a judge may impose in place of or in addition to incarceration. During this period, defendants must comply with all the court’s terms and rules of probation. Failure to follow the court’s terms and rules of probation could result in a probation violation as well as a county jail or state prison sentence. If you or someone you know is facing a probation violation, a criminal defense lawyer at Baldwin Legal Services PLLC can help.

When a probation officer or parole officer notices a violation, the probationer or parolee can be arrested and put in jail. Often the violation is technical or a misunderstanding. We can help you sort out the issues involved or ask the court not to revoke your probation.

  • Probation Violations: Because probation can contain many requirements, there are many reasons for a minor violation. For example, you could miss a community service requirement, fail a drug test, fail to report, or violate a community control requirement (ankle monitor or house arrest).
  • New Charges: If you have been arrested on a new charge, the new arrest could compromise your probation or parole. We can defend you on the new charges while dealing with the probation violation.
  • Bond Hearing: We can represent you at a bond hearing in an effort to get you out of jail and begin work on probation reinstatement.
  • Probation Reinstatement: We can fight to get your probation reinstated. There may be mitigating circumstances. Drug or alcohol treatment, for example, may be required for probation reinstatement.

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