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Falsely Accused of a Crime? How to Defend Yourself

A horrifying experience can arise when a person is accused of a crime he/she did not commit. False allegations can occur on occasions stemming from misplaced familiarity to matching the description of a criminal. It can happen to completely innocent individuals or ones that have committed crimes in the past.  Being blamed for any crime can be a serious and troubling situation, but when falsely accused, a person will face charges and appear in court, as well as get arrested and spend time in jail when they did not even commit the crime.  In the most severe of cases, a conviction could occur, resulting in your life being changed in a way you never could have predicted. Don’t let this happen. When charged with a crime, immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer without hesitation.

Types of False Allegations

Many times, it’s someone close to the defendant who is making a false claim. Whether the accuser is a family member, spouse, parent or disgruntled employee, allegations usually include some form of sexual assault, violence or alleged child sexual abuse. Supposed victims create these stories out of revenge, anger or even monetary reward. If the accuser has any type of motive, the prosecution may have a difficult time proving that the accusation is legitimate. It takes a solid defense to investigate and challenge motives of even the most innocent-looking accusers. Some common reasons that people make these false allegations may include:

  • Soon-to-be ex-spouse using sexual abuse or assault for leverage
  • Teenagers who are angry at their parents or step-parents
  • Children who are confused by outside information or coerced into believing a story
  • Children and minors who crave attention
  • Adults or minors who are seeking revenge or who want to ruin someone’s reputation

What to Do Legally?

If you are charged with sex-offense claims brought against you, you may assume that the truth will prevail. However, you must not passively sit back and wait if false accusations are raised. Even if you know that you are innocent, trust that the truth will win or believe that the accuser will change his or her mind, you must immediately consult with an attorney who can safeguard your interests and assist you in defending the charge being brought against you.

Upon contacting your attorney, apprise him or her of all relevant facts, voice your questions and concerns and keep him or her up to date on all developments after your meeting. Your attorney may ask you to get in touch with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members and other individuals who may be willing to testify on your behalf. Also, do not admit to anything you did not do. Sometimes, admitting to a lesser charge may seem easier than defending yourself, but a sex-offense conviction has many long-lasting and far-reaching implications that can affect your future employment, friendships and family relationships, such as being placed on the sex offenders list for up to thirty years. If you are falsely accused of a sex offense, you cannot risk delaying your defense. A criminal defense lawyer can help you fight false allegations of sexual misconduct.

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